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Learning from L. David, prepared in the historical painters, but then chose the specialty of miniature portraits, which in the early nineteenth century there was a big request. Was a court painter of Napoleon I, accompanied him in the campaigns portrayed him many times and rewrote all the members of his family and many of his companions. After the fall of the first Empire, worked for the Bourbons and other rulers of the new Europe. Generally, portraits of Isabey are of a great similarity, colours, and subtlety, however, richness of the brush. In addition to miniature painting, he was doing drawings for them using black and white pencils and developed a special, very gentle and subtle style of performance. In this way a particularly wonderful his drawings of costumes for the luxury edition dedicated to the coronation of Napoleon I. Finally, it is known as a skilled lithographer, who published "a Picturesque and romantic tour of the old France."

French miniaturist, draughtsman, engraver. Studied with J. L. David, was fond of historical painting. Upon graduation worked mainly in the genre of portrait miniatures. In 1790-ies executed the portraits of many members of the Convention. Exhibited his works at the Paris salon from 1793 to 1841. During the Empire and Restoration — court painter. Was the decorator of the Paris Opera and the theatres, were performed by custom made designs for Sevres porcelain manufactory. Created numerous miniature portraits of political figures and representatives of the European aristocracy of the late XVIII — early XIX centuries Brought the best orders, Isabey worked in Vienna (during the Congress of Vienna 1814-1815), London (1820) and Italy (1822), and other centers of European politics in those years. Performed during these years, about 50 portraits of the "Russian series", including several portraits of Emperor Alexander I and his consort, Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich (1815-1821), diplomats Nesselrode and carrots (1814-1815), participants of the war of 1812 and Foreign campaigns of 1813-1814 — N. G. Repnin (1815 and 1818), S. G. Volkonsky (1815), I. A. Fonvizin (1815) and others. Isabey executed is highlighted on the eve of the war of 1812 portrait of B. V. Golitsyn in which the future hero of Borodin depicted in hunting dress.

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