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Contemporary art, 12.07.1980

Description of the artwork «Reincarnation»

Reincarnation, reincarnation - belief in the ability of a phantom to appear among people in the form of a person, animal, plant, as well as in the inanimate world.

“... if there is any difficulty regarding the Holy
Scriptures and we cannot resolve it, then we just do not need to touch
of this question in general. ” (Luther)

A shadow flashed by a screaming bird, carrying something cruel and intolerable into the high sky. The gaze was obscured by the floating heat of the midday sun, distorting everything around with a pool of still light. The frozen world, having lost the connection of life in itself, penetrated into his consciousness in impossible fantastic visions: the living in them froze, as if it were just a reflection, somewhere out of his life, of the existing ethereal double world. Where the dead, inanimate, created and existing earlier in the subordinate to the living world state became living and not subject to the laws of divine creation! He suddenly felt and saw that the brush with which he was painting the portrait trembled with awe of a living creature, filled the stillness around the silence with a moan ... Her hairy flesh sparkled from the muddy whitish drops that appeared on her mucus. She sharpened the dome-shaped head, which changed its shape from an invisible womb, oozing to the sounds of the mouth that sucked on its flesh, also invisible, but guessed. The air trembled more violently, and a drop of muddy mucus crawled down onto the brush stalk, danced with a cramp of a tossing drop on a hot stove, and sprayed its thirst with a fireworm, having consumed the wood flesh of the brush!
The world, which disappeared for a moment in the existing one, began to regain its life from the stillness of speculative being. Everything around us breathed in bursting air, returning the past and the future.
The tobacco-colored stalks of an outlandish plant that appeared in the painting he was painting wriggled in juicy carnivorous bodies, framing the woman's face in the portrait. The cold steel eyes of this mysterious creature dimmed, taking with them to the other world the secret of their appearance. Only a barely audible whisper of an enthusiastic exclamation: “it turned out”! he guessed on her lips the consciousness of the phantom that was melting with the last tremor. The breath that binds them together has disappeared ...
When the memory of the past and the advancing returned to him, everything became the same, the instant that became life shot up a screaming shadow, carrying something cruel and intolerable into the high sky.
She looked at him. Her calm face did not remind of what had happened, her eyes watched him thoughtfully, her pose did not change. He looked at the canvas of the picture, comparing the image with her. He painted her portrait in the stems of a tobacco-colored flower. And suddenly everything that seemed to him pierced his heart with pain! In his hand he held a brush in the wormhole traces of a non-existent worm! Through the smooth smooth openings of the passages emanated by living heat, a quiet light sang ...
With horror and disgust, he threw back his brush and tore apart the portrait.

“The name of this star is wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many of the people died of the waters because they became bitter ... ”
“And her hair is like the hair of women ...”
“She had tails like scorpions, and she had stings in her tails; but her power was to harm people for five months ... "
“By the king above her she had an angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Avadlon, and in Greek, Apollion, which means Destroyer ... "
“And she was clothed in purple and scarlet, adorned with gold, precious stones and pearls, and held a golden cup in her hands, filled with the abominations and uncleanness of her fornication”
(Revelation of St. Apostle John)

Bullfinches, Gauka's cottage, summer 1980
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Art form: Contemporary art

Date of creation: 12.07.1980

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