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Girl with a jug

Painting, 1927, 108×67 cm

Description of the artwork «Girl with a jug»

In 1915, the daughter begins to write a series of works that would become his hallmark and will be appreciated not only by contemporary critics (they called the series "revival" of the artist), but in our century – and a significant financial equivalent.

So, from 2003 to 2015 five portraits arkhipovskiy peasant women in red sold at auction Sotheby's for the price of an average of 300 thousand US dollars (1, 2). And the most expensive of them – "the Woman in the red dress" – was sold for 1 million 366 thousand dollars.

Malyavin vs Arkhipov

The first in a series of bright, cheerful paintings from Ryazan divas was a picture of "away". It Arkhipov for the first time will test a new style, subsequently became easily recognizable: confident, sweeping impressionistic smear, major palette of expressive color and light contrasts. And the main thing – the warm, glowing shades of red, coral, pink and peach – in short, all the wealth of choice that offers red.

"Academician Arkhipov wrote a wonderful scene: the house, the window, the sun hits the window, sit women, the window is visible Russian landscape. So far I have seen neither in Russian nor in foreign painting anything like this. You can't tell what it is. Transmitted light is wonderful and the village, as if you came to some native people, and when you look at the picture, you are young. The picture is drawn with amazing energy, amazing rhythm" – describes the work of a classmate Arkhipov at the Moscow art school, the artist Konstantin Korovin.

Of course, in the case of peasant Wheeler was unable to avoid comparisons with malevinskiy the women that were saptamanale fifteen years earlier. Yes he especially did not try to hide its source of inspiration and openly acknowledged sympathy with the work colleagues. And rivals they in fact were not, though, and played on the same field. Too different their vision of Russian women from people.

Where Malyavina grow able to crush the power of the stunning monuments of flesh and blood, exposing the awe and reverence of the artist to his models, Arkhipov brought to the canvas "blood with milk" – a simple but endlessly charming in their genuine sincerity and purity of the beauty of the strong and healthy peasant Madonnas.

If Malyavin directs all efforts on the study of the composition and filigree letter of outfits rustic muses, often paying attention to the actual person and the background, Arkhipov most concentrated on the faces of heroines. Not forgetting the background, which often puts a stream of blinding light from the window, docuchina the brightness of the paintings to high (1, 2). As in our case with the painting "Girl with a jug".

Who are we beautiful? Who is stronger?

Equally lovely Church and very young girls, and moloduhi at their peak, and experienced women of the older generation. In this regard, the reaction of the model from the last example – paintings Arkhipov "Peasant woman in a green apron." When Praskovya Petrovna Egorova from the village Solotcha, near Ryazan, first saw his portrait, and only managed to utter: "am I so beautiful?"

The heroine of the painting "Girl with a jug" is also a name. According to research by local historian Konovalova, is a compatriot and namesake of Praskovia Petrovna – Praskovja Maksimova, nee Plaksina. The first image that comes to mind when looking at a portrait of her – generosity. Sociable, but at the same time modest and shy appearance, the girls seem to embody the whole breadth of the Russian soul. In the eyes sparkle sparks of the raging fire newt clothes. Praskoveysky holds ready a nice, big bowl and a jug, as if inviting immediately to enjoy the fresh of fresh milk.

Don't skimp and painter, steady hand applying thick, juicy strokes warming the soul palette. In 1927, when it was written "Girl with a jug", Arkhipov noted 65-summer anniversary. To this event the writer Vladimir Gilyarovsky timed poem dedication what can you sign this, and any other picture with brilliant arkhipovskiy sulenkama:

Red sun-drenched
Women full of power,
Face bold.
Nothing-not afraid
They work Yes, to laugh.
Who's more beautiful? Who is stronger?
Call sparkles in the eyes.
In them the pledge of future days,
Beam, sparkling in the vastness,
The strength of your homeland.

Author: Natalia Azarenka
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Impressionism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1927

Size: 108×67 cm

Artwork in selections: 26 selections

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