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Georgievich Yakubuk
Saint Petersburg, Russia 
born in 1965 •
Born August 30, 1965 in Leningrad
1972 - 1979 1st City Art School
1980 - 1983 Secondary School of Art. Johanson at the Academy of Arts
1982 - 1983 Graphic class
1983 - 1986 Academy of Arts. Repin, Faculty of Architecture

Main exhibitions

1992 Gallery Unterm Nussbaum, Rosbach-Rodheim, Germany
1994 Gallery La Coupole, Neu-Isenburg, Germany
1994 Gallery Unterm Nussbaum, Rosbach-Rodheim, Germany
1995 Gallery Condat, Berlin, Germany
1996 Gallery Phalanx, Neu Anspach, Germany
1997 Gallery Bock, Aachen, Germany
1997 Center for Development of Pisces of the Earth Non-Profit Organizations, St. Petersburg
1998 Exhibition Hall Johanniterhalle, Schwaebisch Hall, Germany
1998 Gallery Unterm Nussbaum, Rosbach-Rodheim, Germany, two men show
1998 - 1999 Group shows in St.Petersburg
1999 Condat “International Art” Gallery, Berlin, Germany, group show
2000 Gallery Unikat group show, Frankfurt Main, Germany
2000 Russian National Library "..,", St. Petersburg
2001 ArtHavan Gallery, “Phenomenon of Fish. Archetypes and Artifacts ”, St. Petersburg
2004-2005 Gallery ABC TREEHOUSE, 'RAIN' (Russia, America, Iraq, Netherlands), Amsterdam, Holland
2008 Expansionist Art Empire Gallery, Five Easy Russians, Leiden, Holland

This painting is alien to the sensation of something intrusive, loud or pompous.
Its characteristic feature is a subtle, well-balanced sound of lines, shapes and textures.
Instead of strange dissonances and shaking the forte, the expression of Leonid Yakubuk’s painting is imbued with magical harmony and movement into silence. In addition to musical thinking, these compositions of color and form show the architectural talent of the painter. As an architect, Leonid Yakubuk builds his images of worlds, but the construction of them is never an end in itself. At the beginning of the work, a textured foundation or background is formed on the prepared cardboard or wood, the strict two-dimensionality of which is interrupted by the intuitive rhythm of relief and scratches. Often this is a bright golden-yellow base that emits light, typical of the transcendental glow of icons.
The design of well-balanced lines, geometric elements and floating repetitive fantastic forms creates a sort of a really existing abstract world, but leaves enough room for viewers' ideas and associations.

Doctor of Art Heike Velzel.

Works are in the collections of the Russian National Library, Check Point Charlie Museum (Berlin),
Ingrid Welle collection (Germany), prof. Orlando Figes collection (UK) and other private collections in Europe and the USA.
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