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Sadykovich Gulyamov
born in 1951 •
Biography and information
Khikmat Gulyamov was born in Tashkent, the capital of the then Soviet Uzbekistan. There were years of his training. The First Republican Experimental Music and Art Boarding School for gifted children was truly the first school of this type, where only 12 students were trained after rigorous and serious selection. Little Hikmat Gulyamov diligently studied the art of painting and sculpture. After receiving good training, he entered the Ostrovsky Theater and Art Institute at the department of sculpture.
Creative search and striving for perfection took away the young artist from academic canons. The artist’s works under the pseudonym Cook were presented to the public of the city at the first solo exhibition in 1976.
Artistic design, bright palette and free style of pictorial writing made this name famous not only in the artistic environment of Tashkent. Hikmat Gulyamov was recognized as the first modernist of modern times on the territory of Central Asia.
The State Museum of Contemporary Art in Urgench, with great difficulty, acquired two portraits and included them in the Museum Collection.
It was then that Hikmat Gulyamov decided to take up the theory of fine art. I managed, you can’t find another word, to break through to the Leningrad Porcelain Factory. The one when the Imperial.
A subtle sense of form and professionalism of the artist allowed him to paint on porcelain and create several porcelain sculptures.
For special achievements in the field of visual and applied art in solving the problems of painting on porcelain and restoring the archaic plastic of porcelain sculpture, Hikmat Gulyamov was admitted to the Union of Artists of the USSR.

How to understand Art? What is an artist? What is a picture?

In search of an answer to these questions, Hikmat Gulyamov arrives in Moscow and gets acquainted with the scientific heritage of the Russian school of art criticism and its representatives. Before the artist opened a limitless field for reasoning about the correct vision of the objective world, the goals and principles of artistic mastery became clear.

since 1979 and is currently a freelance artist.
Lives and works in Moscow.
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Сфера профессиональных интересов: Восстановление метода построения художественного образа через понимание античной пластики. Изучение основ светотеневого моделирования форм западноевропейской классической живописи. Эксперт по проблемам классической западно-европейской светотеневой тональной живописи.

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